Differences between Screen and Print

Please be aware that there may be a difference in the print you receive compared to the image you viewed on screen. Screens are made with a light behind the screen that shines through the image and displays colour in a specific way, through backlighting. Printing is the opposite, you print ink onto the paper or other medium which is then viewed using reflected light, there is no backlight now, and the printed medium involved creates its own little nuances in terms of everything from contrast to sharpness to colour.

I use a color calibrated monitor and prints have been proofed to match, however if your computer screen is not calibrated and is perhaps set at too high a brightness or contrast then the print may not look like what you originally thought it would. I cannot control how your screen looks. I can only control everything at my end, which is what I do in order to create a high quality print product.

If at all possible I would suggest viewing the image on as many different screens as you can in order to satisfy yourself as best as possible as to what the image will look like when printed.

Not seeing an image that you would like?

If you have seen one of my images elsewhere, perhaps on my Portfolio Site, but you can't find it here in my shop then email me at info@fascinatinglight.com with details of the image. Ideally include a screenshot or copy of the image so that I can identify which image you are after and I will either upload it for printing or let you know if there is a reason why that can't be done.

Not seeing a specific size of an image that you would like?

If there is a specific size of print that you would like that is not available in the shop, please contact me as I can often arrange for a custom size depending on the format of the print you would like.

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