Frequently Asked Questions


All watermarks are removed prior to printing. The images shown on the site are of a lower quality, and with watermarks, to help deter casual theft. Final prints use the full high quality original image file with no watermark present.

I'd like a size of print that isn't shown as being available, particularly a larger size. Can I contact you direct to arrange this. 

Yes, I can arrange specific size prints. Smugmug, who run things in the background on this site only allow the sale of certain images and in certain dimensions. This can be particularly relevant to larger sizes of prints as you may have seen my Acrylic or Metal prints on display somewhere, where they are displayed in a larger size than can be bought through this site.

Please contact me for any specific requirements in this regard and I will be able to arrange this.

I've seen a picture on your Portfolio/Blog site that isn't shown here in your shop. Is there a way to purchase this image? Can it be added to the shop?         

Yes, If you have seen an image of mine elsewhere that isn't in the shop, please contact me with the details and I will do what I can to add it to the shop or explain why I can't. I tend to limit the number of images withing the shop and some older images are eventually dropped off.    

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